Products of Lenze Indonesia

The strong machine is machine that make your business grow, not just handling your daily operation. Below products of Lenze Indonesia to optimize yours.

Lenze Inverter

8400 Inverter Drives
i500 Inverter
i700 Servo Inverter
Servo Drives 9400 HighLine
i950 Servo Inverter

Lenze Motor

p300 and p500 Panel Controllers
c300 and 3200C Cabinet Controllers
g500-B Bevel Gearbox
g500-H Helical Gearbox
g500-S Shaft-Mounted Helical Gearbox
Intorq Brakes BFK458
Intorq Clutches and Brakes 14105 and 14115
Lenze Smart Motor for mains operation
Lenze Servo Motor
Inverter-operated three-phase AC motors
New Launch of i550 protec