g500-B bevel gearboxes

g500-B bevel gearboxes

Efficiency and accuracy in the application

The efficient bevel gearboxes are characterized by high permissible radial forces, closely stepped ratios and a low backlash.

They are available in a 2- ,3- and 4-stage design with a torque of up to 177,015 in-lbs (20,000 Nm) and a ratio of up to i=360.


  • Highly efficient right-angle gearbox with a compact design for space-optimized assembly
  • Standardized shaft and flange dimensions for easy machine integration
  • Low backlash and high torsional stiffness guarantee precise results during positioning

Can be combined with the following motors:

  • With Lenze Smart Motor m300 at a rated torque of 15.4 and 44.25 in-lbs (1.75 and 5 Nm)
  • With IE1, IE2 and IE3 three-phase AC motors according to the ErP Directive in the power range from 0.08 to 60 hp (0.06 to 55 kW)
  • With inverter-optimized MF three-phase AC motors in the power range from (0.74 to 30 hp) 0.55 to 22 kW

  • With synchronous servo motors and asynchronous servo motors in the power range from 0.34 to 52 hp (0.25 to 38.4 kW)