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Drive Automation Center was incorporated in Indonesia in accordance to Company Act 1965 as a private company on 11th January 1994.
The main objective of Drive Automation Center is to service the market sector of Industrial Automation which was indentified as growth industry.

Specialized engineering service was identified as a potentially feasible prospect. The existing market was lacked of professionally managed suppliers who could provide engineering expertises and services in addition to the traditional supply. Drive Automation Center draws its core strength to provide engineering designs and consultancy as well as trading related to engineering accessories and equipments.

Commitment is our Priority, as we strongly believe customer's loyalty and trust cannot be taken for granted. Trust is earned day by day through our uncompromising attention to our customers' needs and satisfaction.Further to our passion in providing our utmost services to our customers, Drive Automation Center has aligned itself to the best manufacturers in the market in delivering top-quality engineering products and services.

The engineering accessories and equipments are imported directly from our established suppliers namely Lenze GmbH, ACTech, Sprint Electric Hubner Berlin GmbH and Thalheim. These suppliers are well-reputable for their quality products and excellent technical services. Drive Automation Center is the sole respective for Lenze GmbH and ACTech products in Malaysia representative for Sprint Electric, Hubner Berlin GmbH and Thalheim products in South East Asia

At Drive Automation Center reliable business ethical, effective and flexible businesss solution to facilitate our potential customer's requirement has always been our goals.